Land Escapes Art Show

Posted on | March 23, 2012 | 3 Comments

Saturday, March 24 from 6:00 to 9:00 is the opening of Land Escapes, a show I am doing with Abira Ali at SPACE – South Pasadena Art Center. The description of the show from the gallery’s website:

Land Escapes features the work of Los Angeles artists Abira Ali and Kathleen Coyle. Originally conceived by Joan Weinzettle – who created the window installation – the show is a visual dialog between long-time friends Ali and Coyle. Created independently, the two bodies of work investigate the artists’ physical and personal landscapes. Ali’s paintings on canvas and wood celebrate her neighborhood – in which local and exotic fauna appear – exploring our relationships with our non-human allies and the world at large. Coyle uses her masterful needlework skills to embellish painted and blank canvases with wings, rain and teardrops. We follow the threads of visions and memories to meditate on her questions of “Where do we belong and how do we get there?”

Veil of Tears~ hand crochet, sewn to canvas 11″ x 14″

Without You~ hand knit, crochet, embroidery, gouache on canvas 30″ x 30″

Sunset Smog~ hand knit, sewn to linen 24″ x 24″

Flying Home

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Last week Quince & Co. published a series of scarf patterns. I’m pleased to say that one of them is mine.

Have you tried Quince yarn? It’s loverly. I used Tern; just one skein. In seaweed colorway. I spent every summer as a kid swimming in the ocean. I think seaweed color is ingrained in my personal memory palette. That and sky blue.

My scarf is called Flying Home. One day, while I was working on the design I was out with my son and we happened to look up and saw a flock of birds flying in a V shape, bringing to mind the lace stitch used in my scarf. There’s a kind of romance to it that appeals to me.

This Beautiful photograph is from Carrie Bostick Hoge

This design works well in all weights of yarn, and because it is worked from the top down, it’s easily modified.

It’s the same scarf but worked in Chickadee a sweet plump yarn from Quince & Co.

The pattern is available as a pdf download at Quince & Co.
Ravelry link here.

Vogue Knitting Live

Posted on | September 22, 2011 | 8 Comments

This weekend is the Vogue Knitting Live event in Los Angeles. I have two new patterns which will be for sale in kit form at the Knit Culture booth. I’m going to be hanging out, wandering around on Saturday, ~excited to see my friend~ Mary Jane Mucklestone, and hope to see lots of knitters!!!
Sunday at 10:00 am I’ll be at the Knit Culture booth. Please come by and say hi.

Here is my glamorous friend Gracie (check out her Persimmon jewelry line) modeling Let it Be Hat and Cuffs: both pieces are knit in the round, edged in classic Feather and Fan stitch. It’s a great pattern for knitting a quick gift for someone you love or for yourself : ) The yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere, it’s soft soft soft and gorgeous color.

Heartswing is worked in the lovely, so lovely I want to taste it, Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light. I personally, have knit this shawl so many times I can’t count.
Artist Annie Buckley kindly modeled Heartswing shawl. She has a beautiful smile, but I want to show you how the lace looks : )

It’s been a year of meditative knitting for me and for much of the knitting I kept myself busy making this shawl design. I hope knitters will enjoy making it as much as I have.


Both patterns are now available for purchase on Ravelry as pdf downloads.
Heartswing $6.00

Let it Be Hat and Cuffs $5.00


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Lace is an art piece I made this summer for the Anarchy Show at Post Gallery.
The scenery depicted is inspired by Los Angeles streets lined with palm trees and the heavy sound of helicopters overhead. Reminding me of the pervasive watchful eye of authority. Creating a textile full of holes illustrates the idea of what looks weak and fragile may hide strength. Lace, like Irish Crochet, is a humble form of communication, decorative and fanciful but steeped in a history of fortitude and survival.

Wool, cotton, thread, silk/stainless steel, wire
(hand crocheted)
24 1/4″ w x 23 1/2″ h

ravelry for yarn details

St-Denis Spring Summer 2010 Issue 2

Posted on | June 16, 2010 | 12 Comments

Veronique Avery’s St-Denis Issue 2 has been released, and I’m so proud to be a part of it. My Bright Stripes Lace scarf pattern is included in the collection, and I also have a two page photo spread of inspiration photos for my design.

I’m crazy for this yarn, Nordique, it’s very knitter friendly and eco-friendly (manufactured in the United States), a sport weight wool with just the right amount of body for texture without having too much bite, so it’s soft without being limp, and I think I counted 36 colors!

And, I can’t wait to try the new St-Denis lace weight yarn, Boreale. I think the Bright Stripes scarf would look great in lace weight yarn too, as a scarf or shawl. The stitch pattern is easy to memorize but not boring to knit. The textural knit and purl base looks beautiful on both sides of the fabric and as always, the diamond motif is one of my favorites.

Veronique knit her own version of Jared Flood’s gorgeous triangle shawl, Juneberry, in Boreale.

Take a look at the ravelry page for all the designs, there are so many winners, or look here on Classic Elite’s website. This is definitely a pattern book to take you through all seasons, especially if you live in a warm climate like Los Angeles.

babette blanket revived

Posted on | May 21, 2010 | 12 Comments

During spring cleaning I uncovered a wip, Babette Blanket by Kathy Merrick, that had started with so much promise, and now TWO YEARS later, it was still languishing at the bottom of a basket.

In the last couple of days I sewed sections 1 – 6 together and finished crocheting section 7.
As incentive, I decided it will live in the living room on the couch. Johnny and Felix approve and are excited about seeing all the happy colors.

The pattern is very simple, but I find that I spend a lot of time choosing the colors for each square. Which is funny, because it looks pretty random.
Here are two inspiration shots for color combinations…from my friend Lisa’s garden…

ravelry link

mother’s day

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Felix’s present to me, a beautiful drawing of mom (me!) wearing a red dress. Red is his favorite color. I put it up on my wall and have been smiling ever since.

I knit some basics socks for my mom. She is a great knitter but never makes socks. These are kind of roomy, more like cozy bed socks, than socks to wear with shoes. I love self-striping sock yarn! They seemed to knit themselves I was so amused with watching the stripes appear.

…and us, posing together…
p.s. knitterly details: Ribbed Socks by Vintage Vogue the pattern can be found in Vogue Knitting The Ultimate Sock Book.
scarf: Kusha Kusha scarf
Blue sweater: Ardent

New Shawl pattern, Courting Sophia at Twist Collective

Posted on | April 20, 2010 | 20 Comments

The new Twist Collective came out last week, and it’s filled with beautiful knitting patterns. I’m so, so, so, pleased to be a part of it. My shawl pattern Courting Sophia is one of a few gorgeous lace shawl and scarf patterns. It’s great to have a nice variety of lace patterns to choose from. My piece was inspired by hand woven lace shawls from Mexico, fairy tales and the art knitting of Mary Walker Phillips.

The photo above is from Twist Collective. Photo copyright Caroline Bergeron.
I like the dramatic swirl of fabric and the dance like movement, dashing off to the spring fiesta.
Ravelry link for Courting Sophia.

As I recall the theme mentioned with the submission page had something to do with parties. In my imagination I pictured a landscape with wispy trees, lacy fences, and strings of lights. I tried to convey the landscape of romance at a summer party.
The folk art painting above is from a plate hanging in my mother’s house. I like to knit with her and I know that images like this plate influence my design work.

Shawl and skirt image from Self Portrait in a Velvet Dress, a book of Frida Kahlo’s wardrobe beautifully photographed and catalogued for the world to admire.

The lovely, golden yarn, Laci from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, in 24-karat color way, no less, adds to the effect of a deep summer glow.

After the issue came out, I got excited to knit another Courting Sophia. Lately, I’ve become obsessed with red.

After knitting a few rows, I thought it would be great fun to add more colors! In my mind, the mohair stripes with pink and white triangles represent the smoggy, horizon with mountains landscape of Los Angeles.
If you decide to include intarsia details, make sure you work with bobbins. At first, I tried it with the yarns hanging loose. What a mess! Imagine thirty different lace weight yarns tangled up. Once, I got organized with bobbins, everything got a lot simpler.

Here is my palette. A wide assortment of wool, mohair and alpaca yarns, with one mystery glitzy thread. Metallics used sparingly are like flashes of light.
ravelry link for the red Courting Sophia and yellow Courting Sophia.

More inspiration from Frida Kahlo’s closet.

Kids art and dolls

Posted on | April 4, 2010 | 4 Comments

On the last day of Wisdom Arts Lab sewing camp the kids showed off all their dolls and doll accessories. Each child made a wood bed, sewed a mattress, made a quilt, a doll, doll clothes, little tiny journals and pencils! and more!
The best part is seeing all kids glowing with pride in their handwork. And, playing. There was lots of playing with the dolls.

A row of dolls sleeping peacefully…

Kai made a doll on the last day, and I think he captured a great personality. Every time I look at this guy I can’t help but smile. Biffy relaxing…

Isaac’s doll has rock and roll hair, jeans and a t-shirt…

Lily’s doll has a whole bedroom set and a fully decorated bed…

Lots more doll photos from WAL sewing camp are here!

Well, we’re off following the Easter bunny…happy happy! xo kat

sewing camp

Posted on | March 27, 2010 | 4 Comments

I’ve been busy sewing sample projects for the kids to learn how to make at next weeks Spring Sewing Camp and the Wisdom Arts Lab.
The orange kitty is made from an old t-shirt. Can you “feel the power”!?

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