Land Escapes Art Show

Saturday, March 24 from 6:00 to 9:00 is the opening of Land Escapes, a show I am doing with Abira Ali at SPACE – South Pasadena Art Center. The description of the show from the gallery’s website:
Land Escapes features the work of Los Angeles artists Abira Ali and Kathleen Coyle. Originally conceived by Joan Weinzettle [...]


Lace is an art piece I made this summer for the Anarchy Show at Post Gallery.
The scenery depicted is inspired by Los Angeles streets lined with palm trees and the heavy sound of helicopters overhead. Reminding me of the pervasive watchful eye of authority. Creating a textile full of holes illustrates the idea of what [...]

last night

good times at the opening!
Space Gallery
Felix has a new name “Cheeky Monkey”

textile show


embroidered teardrops

I’ve been embroidering a lot lately.
…for a show coming up in March at Space Gallery

good day

The sale, last Sunday, to benefit the Wisdom Arts Laboratory, went well.
I snapped a couple of photos.