St-Denis Spring Summer 2010 Issue 2

Veronique Avery’s St-Denis Issue 2 has been released, and I’m so proud to be a part of it. My Bright Stripes Lace scarf pattern is included in the collection, and I also have a two page photo spread of inspiration photos for my design.

I’m crazy for this yarn, Nordique, it’s very knitter friendly and [...]

babette blanket revived

During spring cleaning I uncovered a wip, Babette Blanket by Kathy Merrick, that had started with so much promise, and now TWO YEARS later, it was still languishing at the bottom of a basket.

In the last couple of days I sewed sections 1 – 6 together and finished crocheting section 7.
As incentive, I decided it [...]

New Shawl pattern, Courting Sophia at Twist Collective

The new Twist Collective came out last week, and it’s filled with beautiful knitting patterns. I’m so, so, so, pleased to be a part of it. My shawl pattern Courting Sophia is one of a few gorgeous lace shawl and scarf patterns. It’s great to have a nice variety of lace patterns to choose from. [...]

scarf, process

t shirt

grey weather
white goose
grey water
fairy tale
nursery rhyme
black gate

skinny legs
big hair
water falling

my attempt at writing about process

Happy New Year

Cheers and best wishes to everyone in the New Year.
I love the fresh start that the New Year gives us. It fills me with hope. I don’t make resolutions but I do rethink all the things I gave up on in the old year. Well, why not try again?
I spent the last week of 2009 [...]


Something very uplifting, to me, about pink, healing, and inviting.
Soft sunset glow after a weekend away….

pink tinted tray of Tiny Universe trinkets from a class taught by Abira Ali at the Wisdom Arts Laboratory….

Crazy, vibrant, dahlia practically screaming with light…

Natures pink petaled curtain, Bougainvillea, framing the hyenas home at the zoo….

Flower at my mother’s house….

The [...]

shades of white

browns golden earthy aquatic

sleepy, easy, fur, wood, plastic, morning light…

wool rainbow chevron, woven…straight to my heart, handmade…

oil O, owl, key hole, wisdom, worn, death….

shark eggs….

tide pools….rich underwater earth….life…


Dull, and hardy, full of healing sap…aloe, strong, independent….

cactus fence blooming with fruit…

security made verdant

bright stripes, the variegated, tangled web of the spider plant…

mysterious air filled, prickly puff, for you…


Clouds in the sky…fall is coming

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