sewing camp

I’ve been busy sewing sample projects for the kids to learn how to make at next weeks Spring Sewing Camp and the Wisdom Arts Lab.
The orange kitty is made from an old t-shirt. Can you “feel the power”!?

Wisdom Arts benefit sale

I’ve been busy knitting and crocheting lots of accessories for this weekends benefit sale. If you’re in the area please come by!

Art Sale this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, from 12 to 3 at Wisdom Arts Laboratory!
WAL Location:
Orange Grove Meeting Campus
upstairs in building 4
520 E Orange Grove Blvd
Pasadena CA 91104-4351
(East Orange Grove is between
Oakland and [...]

what to do?

School starts next week. What to do to pass the time? While, I try to do some work…knitting is work, right? Felix tries his hand at spool knitting.

And, a couple of days ago, when we didn’t want to go outside, we pretended it was Easter and dyed eggs and had a hunt indoors. It was [...]

garden in a sock

my kind of garden….dirt and seeds inside a sock stuffie. courtesy of Lily. so much personality, the grassy hair, it’s all magic!


Mama bird and baby bird. tweet tweet. “Will you be my valentine?”I painted this when I was pregnant with Felix. I painted through the morning sickness and wondered about my baby. “Who are you, my love?”
Felix painted this the other day and declared it a Valentine flower. He banned me from the room [...]

key key

This was a really fun project that Felix and I worked on together. He picked out the project he wanted to make (we also made a frog but I can’t find it). I drew the key on the felt and Felix cut it out. He had a hard time with the little turns on the [...]

magical tree of everything

-click the photo for bigger magic trees!
Here are a few of the paintings that were done in the Magical Tree of Everything class.
edited to add: teacher abira ali’s flickr set with all the paintings from her wonderful class.

painting together

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painting together, originally uploaded by kat coyle.
Felix and I have been painting together. We’re taking a class called “the magical tree of everything” and last Wednesday we painted trees that were very [...]

boys do knit

Last weekend Felix helped his dad make a wood box for my sewing machine. It was a surprise. My sewing machine came with a flimsy plastic cover and I think Johnny was tired of looking at it on the shelf. I didn’t want to store it on the floor in the closet. But, now I [...]


I mentioned in the last post that I spent the weekend crocheting. I had a blast of inspiration. In my mind I kept seeing large flower pins. Do people still wear these? I don’t know but they sure were fun to make! Some of the materials used: lace weight mohair, orange thrifted button, and star [...]

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