sewing camp

I’ve been busy sewing sample projects for the kids to learn how to make at next weeks Spring Sewing Camp and the Wisdom Arts Lab.
The orange kitty is made from an old t-shirt. Can you “feel the power”!?

garden in a sock

my kind of garden….dirt and seeds inside a sock stuffie. courtesy of Lily. so much personality, the grassy hair, it’s all magic!

doll design sketch

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doll design sketch, originally uploaded by kat coyle.
Happy Sunday everyone! This drawing is for one of my fantasy dolls that I’ve yet to make. I thought she could be made with hand knit pieces and [...]


This weekend we helped to celebrate our friend’s 7th birthday!We made her a doll as a gift. I employed Johnny’s help. He was the master stuffer; the parts I stuffed he re-stuffed to look better. There is an art to stuffing. After trial and error we discovered that a size 19 Daisy knitting needle was [...]


Yesterday, I made another doll. Felix asked me, “what’s her name mommy?” I told him to come up with one and the first thing he said was Freddy. But, he changed his mind to Dimples. In the evening when we sat down for a marathon imaginary tea party and (imaginary) video game session with the [...]

pirate kitty

My days this week are spent playing with Felix, running errands and making a new toy, Pirate kitty for our little friend who has a birthday this coming Saturday with a pirate theme.Nights are spent working furiously towards my fast approaching deadline for Interweave Knits next spring issue. I don’t like knitting on work projects [...]