mother’s day

Felix’s present to me, a beautiful drawing of mom (me!) wearing a red dress. Red is his favorite color. I put it up on my wall and have been smiling ever since.

I knit some basics socks for my mom. She is a great knitter but never makes socks. These are kind of roomy, more like [...]

someone is 6!

The big day was a couple of days ago but we’re still in birthday land…
he is expecting presents every day!


Mama bird and baby bird. tweet tweet. “Will you be my valentine?”I painted this when I was pregnant with Felix. I painted through the morning sickness and wondered about my baby. “Who are you, my love?”
Felix painted this the other day and declared it a Valentine flower. He banned me from the room [...]

boys do knit

Last weekend Felix helped his dad make a wood box for my sewing machine. It was a surprise. My sewing machine came with a flimsy plastic cover and I think Johnny was tired of looking at it on the shelf. I didn’t want to store it on the floor in the closet. But, now I [...]


It felt like spring today. This morning there was a bit of rain, and then blue skies with white clouds. Felix ran around. I chased him.He is a night owl and stays up to watch Popeye cartoons. A few weeks ago he started calling me Olive Oil. It must be the hair do.


doorway Originally uploaded by katcoyle.
He was about to go out with his dad, and wanted to show me that he will wear his hat. Standing in the doorway, looking out, waiting. This moment was so tender for me.