mother’s day

Felix’s present to me, a beautiful drawing of mom (me!) wearing a red dress. Red is his favorite color. I put it up on my wall and have been smiling ever since.

I knit some basics socks for my mom. She is a great knitter but never makes socks. These are kind of roomy, more like [...]

easy socks

This might be my new favorite sock yarn, Regia Design Line by Kaffe Fassett in color # 4259. These socks were so easy to knit and never boring because of the beautiful colors and varied stripes. Another gift is ready for wrapping!

Who fits these?

I like to imagine what kind of creature could fit into this tiny sweater and these long socks.
Felix has wanted a magnifying glass for ages, we found one yesterday at the swap meet. I called him an inspector; he corrected me by saying “NO, I’m a scientist!”
He doesn’t like to wear socks, or shoes, [...]

a few gift knits

I managed to eek out a couple of hand knit gifts this year. For our little artist friend Eliza Bee I made this Unicorn from Dream Toys by Claire Garland. I started knitting this toy months ago but put it away until two days before Christmas. I was feeling kind of stressed out about finishing [...]

sock talk

Tuesday night after a feverish knitting spree I grafted the 28 toe stitches and studied my work. Hmmm, the foot looked very small. I’m making these for a friend with small feet (US size 6 1/2 shoe), but the length from heel to toe was around 7 3/4″. For myself, socks fit well at about [...]


Pattern: Socks from Ivo from Andean Folk Knits.
After I finished the Fancy Silk Socks I thought for sure I was done with socks. I loved them but was tired of tiny stitches going around and around. So, I picked up an old project I had started before the summer heat made it difficult to have [...]


I spent a scattered week hobbling together my projects, slowly; one sock (Fancy Silk Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks) managed to get finished. It’s a sweet old-fashioned lace sock. Or, what I imagine old-fashioned socks to have been like.
My head is elsewhere, looking forward to the weekend and our get away to the beach.
Another [...]


Usually, after I finish a deadline I feel tired. This time was no different. I have things I really need to work on but instead I took this week to start three new projects. Does anyone else ever feel actual fear when they think about what they’re SUPPOSED to be doing? When anxiety strikes, I [...]

busy hands

Keeping my hands busy in this summer heat. Last week I sent off a design for Classic Elite and I’m waiting for yarn for a project for Interweave Knits. That’s my business report: in between projects for spring 2008.
Here is a finished pair of socks for a friend’s birthday.It is so hot outside I decided [...]