New Shawl pattern, Courting Sophia at Twist Collective

The new Twist Collective came out last week, and it’s filled with beautiful knitting patterns. I’m so, so, so, pleased to be a part of it. My shawl pattern Courting Sophia is one of a few gorgeous lace shawl and scarf patterns. It’s great to have a nice variety of lace patterns to choose from. [...]


While my mom cooked dinner last night, I did some laundry and finished knitting the motif. On such a small piece of work, weaving in all the ends really wasn’t such a big deal. I decided to toss it into the washing machine and felt it. What the heck.

This morning, Johnny stopped by the house [...]

intarsia motif

The motif is fromIcelandic Knitting Using Rose Patterns by Helene Magnusson.
The colors are inspired by the kids I’ve been working with at the Wisdom Arts Club.
I don’t know if I have the fortitude to knit one of Helene’s magnificent sweaters, but the small motif is a lot of fun to play with. We’ll see about [...]


knit patch. been playing with intarsia. its maddening to do but i heart picture knitting.