Flying Home

Last week Quince & Co. published a series of scarf patterns. I’m pleased to say that one of them is mine.
Have you tried Quince yarn? It’s loverly. I used Tern; just one skein. In seaweed colorway. I spent every summer as a kid swimming in the ocean. I think seaweed color is ingrained in my [...]

St-Denis Spring Summer 2010 Issue 2

Veronique Avery’s St-Denis Issue 2 has been released, and I’m so proud to be a part of it. My Bright Stripes Lace scarf pattern is included in the collection, and I also have a two page photo spread of inspiration photos for my design.

I’m crazy for this yarn, Nordique, it’s very knitter friendly and [...]


I think this is the 8th scarf I’ve made from this GREAT book…
I’m not sure of the title, but 50 is in there and I counted 50 patterns.
I bought my copy at the Kinokuniya Bookstore, but it’s listed here on amazon japan.

The scarf on the right is the pattern I used for the red one [...]

sunday scarf

Started a while ago….December maybe, cutting through old sweaters and zig zagging them on the sewing machine…hmm, not enough for a scarf for me…must embellish!
Filet crochet added…yarn Knit Picks Shadows Lace and Eco Butterfly organic cotton
Embroidery done with various yarns, some from knitsquirrel etsy

gossamer stars

When the Gossamer Stars pattern became available at the Interweave Store, I decided to knit a sample, or rather, one for myself (!) in lace weight yarn.
Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud, in the Cha Cha color speaks of summer to me, it’s light, affordable – and REALLY cheerful -, and who doesn’t want to feel happy [...]

alpaca ascot

Last year I was gifted with two skeins of hand spun alpaca from England. I love the earthy, oily feel of handspun yarn; and the slight unevenness and the occasional straw bits.

Playing around with the yarn told me that garter stitch was its friend. Naturally, I made a scarf. This is the first incarnation [...]

Kusha Kusha felted

This morning, and by morning I mean noon, I soaked the scarf in hot soapy water. After a bit of rubbing and rinsing, I rolled the scarf in a towel and inspected the wad of wet wool. Not a pretty sight. As promised, my fingers pulled on the fabric and after much prodding the lump [...]

Kusha Kusha knitted

It’s hard to resist playing with this scarf. The fabric is so fun to pull and pinch. My hands are obsessed with stretching the end part made of stainless steel/silk; I hope it’s strong enough to stand it. I’ve decided to go ahead and complete the pattern’s directions and felt the scarf, which just means [...]

Kusha Kusha

I received the nicest gift a few days ago from Janet, a scarf kit from Habu. I love it. The color and texture are perfect for my mood. One strand of merino wool and one strand of a stainless steel/silk mix are knit together, the feel is soft with a subtle, almost sticky body and [...]