Kids art and dolls

On the last day of Wisdom Arts Lab sewing camp the kids showed off all their dolls and doll accessories. Each child made a wood bed, sewed a mattress, made a quilt, a doll, doll clothes, little tiny journals and pencils! and more!
The best part is seeing all kids glowing with pride in their handwork. [...]

textile show


sunday scarf

Started a while ago….December maybe, cutting through old sweaters and zig zagging them on the sewing machine…hmm, not enough for a scarf for me…must embellish!
Filet crochet added…yarn Knit Picks Shadows Lace and Eco Butterfly organic cotton
Embroidery done with various yarns, some from knitsquirrel etsy


Yesterday, I made another doll. Felix asked me, “what’s her name mommy?” I told him to come up with one and the first thing he said was Freddy. But, he changed his mind to Dimples. In the evening when we sat down for a marathon imaginary tea party and (imaginary) video game session with the [...]

pirate kitty

My days this week are spent playing with Felix, running errands and making a new toy, Pirate kitty for our little friend who has a birthday this coming Saturday with a pirate theme.Nights are spent working furiously towards my fast approaching deadline for Interweave Knits next spring issue. I don’t like knitting on work projects [...]

boots kitty

The pattern for this little stuffie is from the delightful book Sock and Glove by Miyako Kanamori. I can’t recommend it enough. The photography is lovely, the styling simple and charming and the instructions clear and easy to execute. Maybe because I’ve been knitting so much and knitting is so slow and involved this [...]