Kids art and dolls

On the last day of Wisdom Arts Lab sewing camp the kids showed off all their dolls and doll accessories. Each child made a wood bed, sewed a mattress, made a quilt, a doll, doll clothes, little tiny journals and pencils! and more!
The best part is seeing all kids glowing with pride in their handwork. [...]


This weekend we helped to celebrate our friend’s 7th birthday!We made her a doll as a gift. I employed Johnny’s help. He was the master stuffer; the parts I stuffed he re-stuffed to look better. There is an art to stuffing. After trial and error we discovered that a size 19 Daisy knitting needle was [...]


Meet Bobbi and Mimi my beatnik dolls from Boho Baby Knits. We had a great time last weekend at the Knit Cafe book signing. It was cool to see all the knits from the book out of storage and in the world. And it’s always fun to meet knitters and hang out in a yarn [...]


Usually, after I finish a deadline I feel tired. This time was no different. I have things I really need to work on but instead I took this week to start three new projects. Does anyone else ever feel actual fear when they think about what they’re SUPPOSED to be doing? When anxiety strikes, I [...]