babette blanket revived

During spring cleaning I uncovered a wip, Babette Blanket by Kathy Merrick, that had started with so much promise, and now TWO YEARS later, it was still languishing at the bottom of a basket.

In the last couple of days I sewed sections 1 – 6 together and finished crocheting section 7.
As incentive, I decided it [...]

more patchwork

Progress on the patchwork continues. I’m feeling a cardigan sweater. Can you tell I found more lace-weight mohair in my stash? The color palette has expanded to include some yellows, a lime green, deep purple, sky blue, navy and pearl gray. Creating the free-form color blocks feels painterly except in painting there’s lots of adding [...]



has turned into, this…

infinity continued

Knitting on the infinity loop stopped for a week or more while I was busy with a deadline….So, when I picked up the loop I couldn’t remember what stitch pattern I had used on the lace edging.
By the way, I did add the aqua/purple saturated Colinette Jitterbug to the mix. Gay said I should, and [...]


the mobius mind blower…can’t stop knitting this magical infinity loop…
I needed help with the cast on, so i went to the master: cat bordhi demonstrates the cast on, on YouTube.
Yarns in use, so far: Lorna’s Laces shepherd sock in the Amish color way, Noro Kureyon sock, and brown sheep wildfoote in red and purple…laying in [...]

intarsia motif

The motif is fromIcelandic Knitting Using Rose Patterns by Helene Magnusson.
The colors are inspired by the kids I’ve been working with at the Wisdom Arts Club.
I don’t know if I have the fortitude to knit one of Helene’s magnificent sweaters, but the small motif is a lot of fun to play with. We’ll see about [...]

tangled sleeve, arctic diamond and stash

Thanks for the encouragement to knit on with the Tangled Yoke. It is such a great pattern and design. I finished most of the five balls, leaving some to transition to the next batch of yarn on order of a different dye lot – 6 more is what I settled on. Hopefully, the colors won’t [...]

more knitting

Apparently, I really can’t stop knitting. I finished the Lace Ribbon Scarf last week. Blocked it and sent it on it’s way without a taking a picture. No time to do so. So, many pretty finished knits leave without a farewell photo session. I work well with a deadline but always to the last minute. [...]

in progress

I’m not spring cleaning, or fall cleaning rather I’m procrastinating and finding all sorts of personal knitting projects that need finishing or beginning…this one’s from Rowan #38 (2005) Pattern: Knotty Yarn: Peruvian Collection Highland wool color #2519held together withLouet Sales Kid Mohair, color Fuchsia
For some reason I can’t seem to stick with it, after [...]


I spent a scattered week hobbling together my projects, slowly; one sock (Fancy Silk Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks) managed to get finished. It’s a sweet old-fashioned lace sock. Or, what I imagine old-fashioned socks to have been like.
My head is elsewhere, looking forward to the weekend and our get away to the beach.
Another [...]