blue spring

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Two knits came back to me. Ardent Jacket and Petal Skirt from Twist Collective.

I’ve been living in Ardent. Ardently living?

…working on my self timer skills….

last night

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good times at the opening!

Space Gallery

Felix has a new name “Cheeky Monkey”

textile show

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I think this is the 8th scarf I’ve made from this GREAT book…
I’m not sure of the title, but 50 is in there and I counted 50 patterns.
I bought my copy at the Kinokuniya Bookstore, but it’s listed here on amazon japan.

The scarf on the right is the pattern I used for the red one above. It’s constructed of one motif crocheted together in three rows.

…just a few more….

sunday scarf

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Started a while ago….December maybe, cutting through old sweaters and zig zagging them on the sewing machine…hmm, not enough for a scarf for me…must embellish!
Filet crochet added…yarn Knit Picks Shadows Lace and Eco Butterfly organic cotton
Embroidery done with various yarns, some from knitsquirrel etsy


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embroidered teardrops

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I’ve been embroidering a lot lately.

…for a show coming up in March at Space Gallery

someone is 6!

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The big day was a couple of days ago but we’re still in birthday land…
he is expecting presents every day!

happy valentines day

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These are the amigurumi toys I made for my son for Valentines Day. He named them Popsicle Rainbow Elephant and Popsicle Rainbow Mousey, best friends 4-ever! Popsicle Rainbow is a good way to describe the yarn (Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome).

The mouse pattern is from Clover. It’s a free pdf download.
And the elephant is from Lion Brand, also a free pdf download.

For my mom, I bought her the Brandywine Shawl pattern. I know she will love it! Maybe you will buy one too for a loved one who loves to knit, it’s for a good cause! Help for Haiti, donations are given to MSF.

Help for Haiti, Brandywine Shawl by Rosemary Hill

Posted on | February 12, 2010 | 3 Comments

This beautiful shawl is designed by Rosemary Hill, (photo is from her flickr site). Visit her flickr site to see more images of the shawl. I wanted to help spread the word, the below text is paraphrased or copied from Rosemary’s site.


Rosemary designed this shawl to help Haiti after their devastating Earthquake, $5 of the purchase price will go to Doctors without Borders or another organization that is directly helping Haiti. They will need help for years to come. Her goal is to sell 10,000 patterns for the people of Haiti. Thank you for your help!!!

This shawl can be worked in many different weights of yarn by changing needle size. The pattern is worked in a simple lace pattern from tip to top, so that you may use greater or lesser yardage with ease, to produce a smaller or larger shawl of your choice. This pattern includes both written and charted instructions. Downloadble pdf file. $6.50

You can find the pattern on Ravelry or on Designs by Romi in the patterns section. Thank you!

Edited to add: 2,000 dollars has already been sent to MSF!

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